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About us
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Xiamen Guoqiao Machinery  Co., Ltd. specializes in bridges, slopes, tunnels with special construction materials research and development, production and sales company, producing and selling products are:
1) prestressed anchors, tools, custom anchor
2) The bridge bearings, expansion joints and installation of replacement
3) Finishing Rebar, Finishing nuts and connectors
4) slope engineering bearing body, squeezing sets, coconut fiber
5), jacks, pumps, grouting machine, machine, spare parts and professional repair with
6) The acoustic tubes, rubber core wax, rubber water-stop, strand, corrugated pipe
Can the background, video and audio of graphic, animation and so on all is introduced.

"Development needs stability," the company Ke Ning mature and stable development of philosophy, a deep understanding of the quality of engineering materials is crucial to strictly control product quality, the products or invest in plant operation have received ISO9000 system certification, the production quality of the products are in line with the national relevant industry standards, the product in use around the adoption of mandatory testing are qualified. The company also focus on follow-up service, timely coordination of all services are by their owners, supervision, construction units, testing organization's praise.

In recent years, the company's key customers include:
(1) The MBEC
(2), a Bureau of China Railway
(3) The Bureau of China Railway 2
(4) The Bureau of China Railway 3
(5), China Railway 17 Bureau of
(6) China Railway 22 Bureau of
(7), the Bureau of the Third shipping Co., Ltd.
(8) China Highway Engineering Bureau of the Second
(9), Xiamen, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd.
(10) cross-Construction Group Construction Co., Ltd. Fujian
(11) Pingxiang Mining Industry Group Construction and Installation Company
(12) Tung Wai Jiangxi Highway Construction Group Co., Ltd.
(13) Shanxi Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. 2nd
(14) Xiamen Municipal Engineering Company
(15) Hong-Yu Construction Group
(16) Zhejiang Bada Construction Group, etc

The company in recent years, Xiamen projects are:
(1) Xiamen Tongan Bay Bridge A Contract Section
(2) Xiamen Tongan Bay Bridge Contract Section B
(3) Xiamen Tongan Bay Bridge Contract Section C
(4) Xiamen Xinglin (Highway-Railway Bridge) A contract section
(5) Xiamen Xinglin (Highway-Railway Bridge) B Contract Section
(6), Xiamen Huli Avenue Bridge yen
(7), Xiamen City Bus Rapid Transit BRT a QD tenders
(8), Jimei, Xiamen Bridge Project A Contract Section
(9), Jimei, Xiamen Bridge Project Contract Section B
(10) spring three high-speed QA4 tenders
(11) spring things QA7 bid of three high
(12) spring three high-speed QA10 tenders
(13) around the island trunk B Standard
(14) around the island trunk C Standard
(15) West roundabout outside the Quick C superscript
(16) Xiamen Garden Expo Garden
(17) around the island waters Xi Kenan Road road works
(18) Xiamen Central Plains Bridge
(19) Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway Project
(20) Xiamen Binhai Avenue
(21) Minjiang Bridge (Fuzhou)
(22) Wujiang River Bridge
(23) maxiang Bridge

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